Colo[u]red Output

A service of EMR®

Color output makes things understandable

Certainly not by popular demand, but here anyway on my computer, is colored output for Rakudo errors! These colored errors can keep things from blending in a mass of [default foreground color] confusion (just imagine if you had dozens of lines of in ‘&sub’ at line 6).

Basically, ===SORRY!=== appears as bright white-on-red, the actual error message is a normal intensity red, the locations are in green, the location in dark yellow or orange (depends on your terminal’s setup), and miscellaneous words in bright blue. They are created using ANSI escape codes.

Of course, it’s not perfect. I’d like the error to not be all red, and the second error that was generated in the picture above didn’t color (although I suspect that to be an error from Parrot itself, in which case I can’t do anything). I’ll create a patch if you REALLY want it. In any case, I’m keeping it 🙂 .


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