Only You Can Prevent Op Abuse

Man, were we lucky Tene had his sonic screwdriver with him.

Wheeeee *gurk*

Around 12:14 PDT (so 19:14 UTC) today (24 June 2010 on a user by the name of ‘audreyt’ joined #perl6 at Well, obviously this must be Audrey Tang, creator of Pugs. But what’s this? Seconds after ‘audreyt’ joins, chanserv has set the channel to a limit of 1 nicks! Everybody is booted, by ‘audreyt’ themself!

Actually, someone signed in pretending to be Audrey (hence the single quotes around the nick as it has been used in this post). Nowadays she logs on as  au|irc. moritz_ showed his suspicions just before The Boot, saying “it’s not genuine” and  that chanserv [who automagically handed permission to the fake ‘audreyt’] only checks for nicks, not the hostmask (which was 5200dd05@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Fortunately, the channel #phasers, which is used every Tuesday for a weekly meeting detailing what has happened in the Rakudo/Perl6 world, and what needs to be done, was available for business. There we discussed what happened, and thanks to Tene, we got back in quickly. We went from 200+ people, around 16 of them ops, to 52 right now, with Tene as the only op. Hopefully we get everyone back soon 🙂

So, this supposed ‘audreyt’ is off the channel (possibly kickbanned, I don’t know for sure), and pmichaud currently controls the channel. The fatal incident is at this IRC log for #perl6, and the resulting conversation on #phasers is at this log.

Now, the one side effect of this is the IRC logger was banned as well, and for sometime there was no logging of #perl6 going on. I present below, The Missing Minutes of #perl6 (if you’re not on this post’s actual page, you’ll have to click the more link).

All times in the left column (the []) are PDT, so to get UTC, add 7 hours to time time. The last lines of the below log (spoken by moritz_) are also in the IRClog at, so that should help in placing this fragment 🙂

[12:24:20] <tylercurtis> That was impolite.
[12:24:22] –> BinGOs has joined this channel (~bitbucket@p3m/member/BingOS).
[12:24:28] <moritz_> can somebody clear these access lists somehow?
[12:24:48] * audreyt hugs moritz_ back
[12:25:09] <lue> .oO(we’ll need to fix the window) Let’s check the logs….
[12:25:18] <Tene> moritz_: I’ll look at it.
[12:25:23] <moritz_> Tene++
[12:25:51] <pmichaud> should I re-submit my request for gaining control of the channel?
[12:26:07] <pmichaud> I got email about it in mid june (right before yapc::na, so I didn’t get a good chance to respond or follow up)
[12:26:09] –> sshc has joined this channel (~sshc@unaffiliated/sshc).
[12:26:14] <– sshc has left this channel.
[12:28:38] <moritz_> pmichaud: yes, please
[12:28:40] <– audreyt has left this server (Disconnected by services).
[12:29:50] <pmichaud> okay, will do now.
[12:29:56] –> rhr has joined this channel (~ryan@
[12:29:59] <pmichaud> (except that pdx wifi seems to be horribly slow)
[12:30:40] <moritz_> jnthn: bisect says roughly 5 steps left
[12:31:05] –> HarryS has joined this channel (
[12:31:14] <HarryS> really?
[12:31:45] –> envi^home has joined this channel (~envi@
[12:34:09] –> kraai has joined this channel (
[12:34:25] –> eternaleye has joined this channel (~quassel@unaffiliated/eternaleye).
[12:34:26] <– tomaw has left this channel.
[12:34:29] –> tomaw has joined this channel (tom@freenode/staff/tomaw).
[12:35:18] –> dual has joined this channel (
[12:36:56] <pmichaud> okay, I’ve resubmitted the form.  I think.
[12:37:04] <pmichaud> It didn’t give me a confirmation screen 😐
[12:37:59] –> M_o_C has joined this channel (~moc@unaffiliated/m-o-c/x-5011608).
[12:39:16] –> niko has joined this channel (~niko@freenode/staff/niko).
[12:39:53] –> araujo has joined this channel (~araujo@gentoo/developer/araujo).
[12:39:56] <araujo> mm
[12:39:59] <araujo> what happened here?
[12:40:27] <tomaw> the access list has some very wide mask-based entries that someone used to clear the channel
[12:40:35] –> Khisanth has joined this channel (
[12:40:43] <tomaw> I removed the one he used but some others remain
[12:41:02] –> mberends has joined this channel (~mberends@
[12:41:04] <araujo> ooh 😦
[12:41:19] <moritz_> tomaw++
[12:41:33] <araujo> tomaw, now we were +150 users, 23 … sighs, let’s start again
[12:41:34] <araujo> hehe
[12:41:36] <pmichaud> tomaw: I’ve just resubmitted the group request form to regain control of the channel
[12:41:44] <pmichaud> (if you can help with that at all 🙂
[12:42:17] <tomaw> I see it
[12:42:17] <moritz_> well, if that’s possible, I’d prefer the access list to accept only registered freenode users, not host masks
[12:42:36] <lue> .oO(We need to rebuild. We need robots…)
[12:42:41] <Khisanth> well hostmasks aren’t necessarily a problem …
[12:42:43] <tomaw> masks allow for adding things like *!*@gentoo/developer/*
[12:42:48] <Khisanth> but *@* is a bit wide
[12:44:57] –> huf has joined this channel (
[12:45:23] <huf> hi guise, what happened?
[12:45:31] <moritz_> huf: op abuse
[12:45:37] <lue> evil. Someone booted everyone
[12:45:47] <araujo> perl6 is over
[12:45:52] <huf> some unknown evil?
[12:45:53] <araujo> we moving to other project
[12:45:59] –> _sri has joined this channel (
[12:46:06] <Tene> Hmm.  I don’t actually have privileges to modify the access list.
[12:46:31] <moritz_> Tene: that’s why pmichaud++ is doing the channel recovery process
[12:46:39] –> hugme has joined this channel (
[12:46:59] <lue> hugme: hug perl6
[12:47:00] * hugme hugs perl6
[12:47:24] –> p6eval has joined this channel (~p6eval@
[12:50:15] –> sftp has joined this channel (~sftp@
[12:52:05] –> cognominal has joined this channel (~cognomina@
[12:52:26] <cognominal> WTF?
[12:52:47] <lue> cognominal: op abuse.
[12:53:41] <Tene> cognominal: someone noticed that our access list had an entry for just “audreyt” unqualified, so joined with that name and kicked everyone out.
[12:55:29] –> meppel has joined this channel (
[12:55:57] <lue> afk –noms # is the irc logger back?
[12:55:59] [Away] You are now marked as being away.

[12:56:03] –> patrickas has joined this channel (~Pat__@
[12:56:08] <moritz_> lue: there’s an easy way to find out 🙂
[12:56:09] <pmichaud> 19:54 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- Information on #perl6:
[12:56:09] <pmichaud> 19:54 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- Founder    : pmichaud
[12:56:13] <patrickas> ‘evening all!
[12:56:15] <moritz_> \o/
[12:56:17] <pmichaud> \o/  tomaw++
[12:56:55] –> kjeldahl has joined this channel (
[12:57:09] <moritz_> pmichaud++ too
[12:57:12] <pmichaud> I’ll be boarding an airplane soon (and not likely to have wifi on the plane), so will take care of other channel administrative things when I get home tonight or early tomorrow morning.
[12:57:34] <patrickas> rakudo: say ~(2,3,5, ->*@a { my $n = @a[*-1] + 2; $n+=2 while $n %% all(2,(3,5…sqrt($n))); $n } … 50);
[12:57:42] <p6eval> rakudo a22f02: OUTPUT«2 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 41 43 45 47 49␤»
[12:57:49] <patrickas> colomon++
[12:57:59] –> patspam has joined this channel (
[12:58:43] –> exodist has joined this channel (
[12:58:45] <patrickas> wait! that’s not right :-O
[12:59:00] <moritz_> jnthn: ‘5fe193902ce23a683e10ebb708beaead35218d23 is the first bad commit’
[13:00:09] <moritz_> jnthn: fun, huh?
[13:00:19] <moritz_> it only touches PIR and Perl 6 code
[13:00:44] <pmichaud> iirc, that one also moved a PIR routine out of PIR and into the setting.
[13:00:59] <pmichaud> that often makes a big difference.
[13:01:23] <moritz_> anyway, I would *really+ ove to see this one fixed for R*
[13:01:53] <moritz_> you know, half of my modules won’t build reliably with the current bug. And pls doesn’t run either
[13:02:03] <pmichaud> so, revert it 🙂
[13:02:05] <moritz_> s/ove/love/
[13:02:35] <pmichaud> why do I not see that commit in the github history?
[13:02:57] <pmichaud> oh, found it
[13:03:04] <pmichaud> it was on page 2
[13:04:01] –> Addisonian has joined this channel (
[13:04:31] <Addisonian> pmichaud, Did you make it to oscon this year?
[13:05:35] <pmichaud> Addisonian: I did.
[13:05:41] <pmichaud> Addisonian: on my way home from there now.
[13:06:17] <Addisonian> You are coming to PyTexas, aren’t you?
[13:07:18] <Addisonian> pmichaud, Did you speak at oscon this year?
[13:07:42] <Addisonian> Brad Allen is talking about you and wanted to know that.
[13:08:44] <pmichaud> yes, I spoke at oscon.
[13:08:49] <pmichaud> I’m planning to come to PyTexas, yes.
[13:10:47] <patrickas> rakudo: say ~(2,3,5, ->*@a { my $n = @a[*-1] + 2; $n+=2 while $n %% any(2,(3,5…( 5 max sqrt($n)))); $n } … 50);
[13:10:55] <p6eval> rakudo a22f02: OUTPUT«2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23 29 31 37 41 43 47␤»
[13:11:34] <moritz_> who controls phenny, and can bring her back?
[13:13:36] –> Grrrr has joined this channel (
[13:14:19] <moritz_> jnthn: zavolaj’s ‘make test’ tries to run t/mysqlclient.t, which is not in the repo… any idea what’s going on?
[13:14:20] –> frodwith has joined this channel (
[13:14:28] <moritz_> or mberends, for that matter
[13:19:42] <pmichaud> heading to board for plane
[13:19:44] <pmichaud> bbl
[13:21:04] –> oha has joined this channel (
[13:25:13] –> hercynium has joined this channel (~hercynium@p3m/member/hercynium).
[13:30:32] <– patrickas has left this server (Ping timeout: 265 seconds).
[13:31:53] <jnthn> moritz_: ‘fraid not…
[13:34:09] <– envi^home has left this server (Quit: Leaving).
[13:34:15] <jnthn> moritz_: Nice work tracking down the commit that caused the segfault.
[13:34:21] –> itz has joined this channel (~itz@
[13:34:34] <moritz_> jnthn: thanks. git-bisect++
[13:34:39] <jnthn> moritz_: Too bad we had to revert the enum improvements.
[13:34:42] <itz> I get the following error message
[13:34:47] <itz> “PackFile_unpack: This Parrot cannot read bytecode files with version 8.0.
[13:35:01] <jnthn> Maybe before R* we can work out a way to do them without creating breakage elsewhere.
[13:35:01] <itz> am I doing something stupid?
[13:35:08] <moritz_> itz: remove your parrot installation and parrot build files
[13:35:26] <moritz_> itz: the parrot release implied an incompatible change in bytecode format
[13:35:45] <itz> ok I guess “make clean” isn’t enough, thanks
[13:36:02] <moritz_> rm -rf parrot/ parrot_install; perl –gen-parrot
[13:41:27] –> [Coke] has joined this channel (
[13:41:50] <[Coke]> Did I mention I hate irc? Thanks. =-)
[13:49:35] <– M_o_C has left this server (Remote host closed the connection).
[13:50:25] <– tomaw has left this server (Quit: Quitting).
[13:51:26] –> trek1s has joined this channel (
[13:51:54] –> tomaw has joined this channel (tom@freenode/staff/tomaw).
[13:53:30] –> jferrero has joined this channel (
[14:04:25] <moritz_> hugme: hug [Coke]
[14:04:26] * hugme hugs [Coke]
[14:09:23] –> lucs has joined this channel (
[14:11:39] <[Coke]> moritz_:, logging back?
[14:12:20] –> _ilbot2 has joined this channel (
[14:12:25] <moritz_> supposed to be… but seems it’s not working
[14:15:09] –> frettled has joined this channel (
[14:16:22] <moritz_> now the logging is back
[14:18:19] <moritz_> the site is awefully slow though
[14:18:27] * moritz_ has no idea why

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