Coming Back & Ready

Recently I’ve sort of “come back” to the Perl 6 community, after getting used to going to school again. Below, I’d like to highlight some things I’ve been thinking about getting into:

P6 Adventure Game

This is, I think, a very important (if not the most important) project, simply because it will highlight some of the abilities of Perl 6 that haven’t been explored too well. It will be a 2D text RPG (think NetHack, but without the every-single-keyboard-key-does-something ‘feature’). masak and I have been discussing this on #perl6 [1], and here is a rough draft of the ideas so far:

  • Perl 6 themed, probably with unintentional Rakudo influences (imagine lines of dialogue such as “You come across hyperoperator Bob, who has single-handedly bought and consumed every single packet of coffee at the supermarket, which is why there wasn’t any there.” and “You are at Parrot Mountain. Be careful of PMC’s falling from the summit.”)
  • Some sort of extensibility of the game. I guess masak meant something more than the standard “pull this lever get this purpose-built (for the game) bonus room” mechanic every RPG has. My original idea was actually where you code Perl 6 to change the game in real time, but that was deemed a Very Dangerous™ god mode under any circumstances[2]. Maybe some sort of randomness to the game, where you drill through a random part of a mountain, and a randomly-generated room appears (hey, it could happen in real life)! If the game were to become sentient enough, maybe even randomly-generated sidequests! O_o…
  • Prophets!

Hopefully, we’ll be able to get more and more concrete ideas. Any perl6’er is welcome to join in the project, it’s not a secret project between us two!

Pod Document Reader

This is one I just began work on before school came and ruined everything [:/] (‘work’ meaning I was planning it out). There are already a couple of Pod parsers out there, but I hope to be able to work with masak, considering his documentation grant (besides, the others as far as I can tell are unmaintained).

By the way, this reader does have a name already, but I’m keeping it a secret. Why? Because I can, and it’s fun.


No, not that kind of TARDIS (if it were it would’ve been capitalized in the header). I downloaded masak’s Tardis, a time-travelling debugger, tonight (PDT), and started messing with the bin/tardis file, which is available here: I basically add a help command (which I think is the most important part of my modified file), fixed the ‘>’ prompt so you knew where you were along the timeline, and began work on a ‘rewrite’ command, which allows you to rewrite any part of the code — er, timeline — and everything is updated accordingly. It’s very buggy, but works. -ish. If I want to become serious about my hackery of Tardis, I’ll fork/get a commit bit, but for now just a gist paste works.


That’s the basics of my goals ‘coming back’ to the community. Knowing me, I’ll probably fail at least one of them 🙂 but I should be alright. 駱駝道

[1] — My nick is lue (it’s only lueinc here on wordpress because of the stupid minimum characters rule for usernames), and yes, I did spend my time matching up various themes of Doctor Who (I got the .ogg sitting on my computer right now)

[2] — Maybe this god-mode thing could still be useful for debuggers and QA teams [ assuming they would exist 🙂 ]?

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