Snowman Comets, Pod Parsing, And a Book.

So today I start two weeks of Chris holiday break! Which means I can finally work on some things:

A Book?

Yeah, I started writing a sci-fi ‘book’ (nothing to be published) for the heck of it, heavily dealing in Perl 6 of course 🙂 . There’s also a Time Travel Temporal Handbook I haven’t touched in a while, mainly because information on Temporal grammar is nonexistant (Larry Wall, I need you!). I may even have to come up with a bunch of Temporal Grammar myself! That sounds fun! In any case, I plan on working on a book at some point.

And (La)TeX sucks when it comes to Unicode, I urge you to berate the nearest (La)TeX developer about it 🙂 [ Actually, I tried XeTeX but I have no way of finding the right fonts to use. Then moritz_ got me hyped up on creating a tool to do that. ]

Pod Parser?

I haven’t touched it in a while. I hope to brush up on TDD and finishing something usable by the end of my break (which’ll be the Monday after New Year’s.) I just read colomon’s Day 18 post, and I think maybe actions are something to look into. It’d at least make things more readable.

Snowman Comet?

I have all this snow, and the Geminids to act as Comet Substitute™! But the Geminids peaked on a school night, with optimal viewing time midnight to four, on a slighty cloudy night. And I don’t have a camera, at least nothing digital.

But I did make up for it by creating a snowman comet ornament using SCIENCE! [copper plated designs on a piece of galvanized iron, IIRC] 🙂

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