Numbers::Ordinals is here! (-ish)

Finally, I have released my first module, Numbers::Ordinal! I already talked about its reasoning in a previous post, so I’m going to talk about the module itself!

Numbers::Ordinal provides two subs: &ordinal and &ordinal_digit. If you type ordinal(23), you get twenty-third, type ordinal_digit(23), and you get 23rd. Just a couple things about it:

  • &ordinal_digit doesn’t exist yet.
  • Don’t use numbers higher than 999 in &ordinal, or you’ll get something like -onetwo hundred thirty-fourth instead of one thousand, two hundred thirty-fourth.
  • the tests curiously refuse to run. Feel free to find the problem 🙂

Anyways, it’s bound to be useful, at least for test writers, and it’s available right here.

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