Some thoughts on P6-on-GCC

I’ve been having some thoughts about my project (well, for some definition of project anyway) for a Perl 6 frontend for GCC. In particular, I’m going to first start by learning C++, as that is the most likely candidate language for the frontend itself. Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning Perl 6 🙂 . I do think, however, that I need to know another language. Let’s see how it goes 🙂 .

I’ve also read jnthn’s description of 6model today. I can’t help but wonder if 6model would be a good idea for my GCC project. The way I currently understand it, I’ll have to write a complete parser of Perl 6, but without having to create a backend for it, like Rakudo had to in developing Parrot. I’ll look more into it when I start focusing on the compiler itself.

In any case, I’ll start learning C++ (probably tonight, unless I manage to distract myself sufficiently). I plan on beginning a monthly report on the projects I’m working on, including the currently neglected Pod parser of mine. The first one shall be released on 1 Feb 2011.

Until then, happy coding! 駱駝道

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