One Year of Perl 6!

I have been using Perl 6 and been a member of the community for a year now! \o/

Well, over a year.

I honestly meant to celebrate on the actual one-year anniversary. I thought it was in early March, and I checked my logs of #perl6 to find out when exactly, so I could start writing my ANNIVERSARY POST FANTASTICA™. Turns out I first became a community member on 6 Feb. 2010. (I actually first joined the channel on 4 Feb, but I didn’t utter a word until two days later.)

It’s sort of funny to see myself way back when. I had not heard of TDD, or unit tests, or even “testing”. I only ever ran my coding projects, tried stuff to break it (if I wasn’t just trying it out), and fixing the problems I found. I had also never been in an environment full of professional programmers [ for some value of “professional” 🙂 ]. My first task in the land was to add proper radix conversion (base-x to base-10). It was a PIR task, which I was, at the time, strangely OK with. Now writing this post, I realize that it was because I had come to the community when I was working on an NES emulator in Python 3. Of course I was fine dealing with assembler 🙂 .

I’ll be sure to create a separate page (available from the top menu bar when ready) as a detailed essay. It’ll contain my first words, my favorite history lesson ever, frustrations, and a couple of congrats I was lucky to give to various others.

I can’t wait to see what my second year of Perl 6 brings. I’m sure I will witness hundreds more moments that will be both fantastic and very, very, brilliant. GERONIMO!

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