Today I give unto the world my very incomplete Pod6 parser, SUPERNOVA!

Get it here.

To carry on a tradition, I’m calling this parser of mine “official and complete”. It’s official because no-one else has bothered making a (current) Pod 6 parser, and it’s complete because not a single line of code is without its ending semicolon (hence, all the lines of code are “complete”).

Why call it SUPERNOVA? Well, it’s a reference to Doctor Who (figures), particularly the episode in Season 31 titled Amy’s Choice. In it, the Doctor mentions throwing the TARDIS instruction manual into a supernova. Hence, SUPERNOVA.

Anyway, you should check it out. I’ll be handing out commit bits liberally to those who want to help, and hopefully there’ll be enough interest in it to add it to the dalek ircbot in #perl6 (doesn’t that seem a bit silly?).

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