Configure the PAST during the compile time phase of the CORE.setting generation: The Effect of nom on Me

(This is not your Typical nom Post™. For those, check out,, and especially

Ah, nom. nom nom nom nom nom. The Third Rakudo, the one set to replace ng (current master) which replaced alpha (previous master), promises speed improvements, ease of implementing what were once so-hard-it-was-never-bothered-with features, and so on. Since (last I understand it), the hope is to have the regeneration occur in time for the July release. Which means the activity and talk about it is huge.

This means confusing compiler speak.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the compiler talk. It’s fun, and reminds me of the main reason why I love Perl6: It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo big! Phasers, junctions, .gist, nqp, nom, unicode, safe mode, and the list of features and aspects and etc. goes on while 1 { print “and on “;};

I just wonder where it all is written about. Now, I haven’t read the entire spec from start to finish, so I suspect that’s the reason for my continual confusion. I just wish there was… something, something that isn’t as unwieldy as the spec.  The spec strikes me as more a “ooh, what does that mean?” kind of book and not a “let’s understand the entirety of Perl6!” kind of book. (It could be that the spec is both kinds and I’m being an idiot.)

So I suppose what I’m saying is: Don’t stop the compilertalk by any means (like I said, it always sound fascinating), I just wish there was either something that explained it all, or that the spec be more friendly.

Of course, if everything I’ve mentioned is completely wrong, feel free to correct me 🙂

tl;dr = The moon is a white rock that orbits the Earth.

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