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The Mu Proof

This is a paper I wrote a while ago after a discussion on #perl6 one night (the link to the discussion is in the paper below) that proves anything divided by zero equals everything. Enjoy.   The Mu Proof   … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Module Distribution in P6

I’ve been thinking a bit lately of the way module distribution is handled in Perl 6. Right now there’s It’s a brilliant start, however I think we need to formalize some aspects of how it works and what’s needed … Continue reading

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Beginning Notes for the Perl 6 Type Hierarchy

I stated in my last post some ideas I came up with involving Perl 6 that I’d be at least semi-interested in doing. Although the code repository (P6SSMPR) was actually my favorite idea, I decided to start with the small … Continue reading

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Ideas for me to improve Perl 6

nom is going along very nicely (now it installs properly!), and as much as I’d like to hack on it, I just can’t seem to get into the mindset to do it, unless a small problem bugs me and it … Continue reading

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