Ideas for me to improve Perl 6

nom is going along very nicely (now it installs properly!), and as much as I’d like to hack on it, I just can’t seem to get into the mindset to do it, unless a small problem bugs me and it only takes a few minutes to fix (see previous posts for more on this).

So, I’ve come up with a few ideas that I am excited about doing, listed in increasing perceived difficulty (I may just think the hardest thing on the list is the easiest!):

Create a graphical depiction of the Perl 6 type hierarchy. You know those tree-like diagrams that detail how things are related to each other, what items are from which parents, etc.? I’d like one of the P6 type hierarchy. Not only will this chart make understanding it much easier for everyone, but it will also reveal any problems there may be in the hierarchy as the chart is being made.

Create a website that teaches Perl6. Think of the Advent Calendar, only all year, and teaching about every little feature of Perl6, one bit at a time (instead of Advent’s (sensible) “let’s choose topic that are interesting and worthy for the limited 25 day period”). One article is about hyperops, the next is about error handling, and that one over there talks about that particularly weird part of S05.

Create a Perl6 code repository. It’s a website that holds any and all kinds of Perl 6 code. The current title I have in mind, which explains it well, is the Perl 6 Snippets, Scripts, Modules, and Programs Repository (or P6SSMPR for, er, “short”). Basically, it contains useful snippets of code for common tasks, time-saving scripts for various tasks, modules for serious Perl 6 development, and programs that really show off what Perl 6 is capable of.

Write a missing spec. I can’t believe I’m suggesting this one. The missing Unicode spec is particularly interesting.

Finish SUPERNOVA. I really, really need to continue working on this. I know there are efforts for internal support in Rakudo. Perhaps I can learn some things from that, and they can learn some things from me, if I ever continue working on it. 🙂

Those are my ideas. What do you think of them?

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3 Responses to Ideas for me to improve Perl 6

  1. Martin Berends says:

    I’d like to see the tree diagram happen the most, because 1) it’s graphically visual, and 2) it’s a unique new thing for Perl 6. People like the Periodic Table of the Perl6 Operators a lot, so your chart could also be very popular. I agree that having this extra view of the hierarchy might even help to improve some language details. Optional feature suggestions: include hyperlinks, use colors to subtly display meaning, auto-arrange nodes to shorten links, interactively expand/collapse parts, allow community editing. The longer I think about it, the more I hope you can make it 🙂

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