Perl 6 is not Perl, Version 6

In these last few days of summer vacation, I had decided to write an article about my opinion on Perl 6 and its relation to the rest of Perl. I have posted it on github, feel free to click on the link below and read it.

I want to stress that this is an opinion, not a statement of any sort of facts. Feel free to blog your rampant disapprovals of my opinions without fear you’re disapproving of any facts 🙂 . I also stress this to make sure no one mistakes this as a statement of facts and runs around convinced that Perl 6 isn’t the successor to Perl 5 (that’s my opinion, I just don’t want it portrayed as fact unless the important decision-makers say I’m right).  enjoy.

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2 Responses to Perl 6 is not Perl, Version 6

  1. snort says:

    “I’m not writing 255 else-if’s when a switch statement would cut
    down the repetitive typing to almost nothing.

    So I searched for a new language.”

    Good grief but that’s inept. A good editor with edit macros eliminates repetitive typing.

    • lueinc says:

      I must have not been using emacs at the time (this was a really long time ago), and I would think emacs supports these edit macros. However, I generally don’t use things like that anyway (it’s either short enough that I don’t suffer any pain in typing out in full again or it’s long enough that I can avoid typing it out often (e.g. what subs are basically meant for)).

      Also, I don’t like the look of if/else-if structures in most (if not all) languages when they grow past a few else-ifs. I also think given/when statements are much better when comparing a variable to many different possible values.

      I deleted your other subsequent comment because it took parts of statements out of context for the express reason of insulting me, which is what I think you came here to do.

      (Finally, I don’t believe your email address is

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