RD* Phasers Set to PRE

Well, I hope the PRE phaser fires before the START phaser, or else this post’s title will look silly.

The purpose of this post, as suggested by the title, is for me to formally list what it is I plan to do Perl6-wise over the summer. As usual, I expect the projects I find interesting to change even before 13 June (my last day of school, the afternoon of which will be the start of my summer). Here’s a short list (in no particular order):

Port NQP to LLVM. The reason I’d like to do this is so that Rakudo, when it’s completely moved from PIR to NQP, will be able to compile to native machine code. I’m sure this task will be a lot harder than I could possibly imagine, but it’s worth a shot. I also imagine this idea would be more worked on once Rakudo is fully on NQP.

Get a working frotzlexity. Frotzlexity is my IF (interactive fiction) system for Perl 6. The first thing I plan on implementing is the English parser, just so I have an interface to the rest of the system as it’s coded. (This plan isn’t set in stone, though.)

Make a static website generator. Over the past couple of days I’ve been thinking of preparing a website to put up eventually. Since I can’t really write Perl 6 websites (the way you can with Perl 5), I’d rather go and make a static website. Of course, things like navigation and common design elements are easier when using a generator as opposed to all by hand. I haven’t quite decided if I’d help masak improve on psyde or just go and create my own generator (I’m leaning towards helping with psyde, just because starting up a second identical project doesn’t seem like a good idea to me).

Well, that’s what I’m currently planning on anyway. I can’t wait until I have enough time to work on Perl 6 things once again.

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