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The Rakudo Codebase: Visualized! (Partially)

Yesterday I stumbled upon this old perl6-compiler mailing list message which inspired me to actually try to split up the compilation of CORE.setting into smaller, saner pieces. I’ve started work on this already (so far having just modified the Makefile). … Continue reading

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Perl 6 and Interactive Fiction — The Prologue

For the past few days I’ve been extensively researching interactive fiction, in particular the infamous Z Machine, and planning how to create a new IF design system (a programming language designed for IF) Why not use one of the existing … Continue reading

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:= — Prologue

My current long-term project for Rakudo is currently the bind operator (:=). They serve the function of references or pointers in other languages; it allows a second variable to point to the same address in memory*. So all I’d have … Continue reading

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