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I Just Love (♥!) C++

Let’s say you want to keep a bunch byte values around in a std::vector<uint8_t> until you get the chance to write it to a file. So, here comes the first piece of data: Anyone who knows their C++ knows that … Continue reading

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A new Perl 6 major mode for emacs! (In Progress)

I’ve finally gotten fed up with cperl-mode, because it has now decided to throw lisp errors upon typing things like : or }, anything that would make use of its electric feature (which I couldn’t find how to turn off … Continue reading

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The Rakudo Codebase: Visualized! (Partially)

Yesterday I stumbled upon this old perl6-compiler mailing list message which inspired me to actually try to split up the compilation of CORE.setting into smaller, saner pieces. I’ve started work on this already (so far having just modified the Makefile). … Continue reading

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Today I give unto the world my very incomplete Pod6 parser, SUPERNOVA! Get it here. To carry on a tradition, I’m calling this parser of mine “official and complete”. It’s official because no-one else has bothered making a (current) Pod … Continue reading

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This is What Happens When You Stuff Things Into Boxes Blindfolded

Imagine working for the packing department of a Rubik’s Cube factory. The kind of rubik’s cube you make has the colors painted on, so there are no stickers to peel, and is constructed in such a way that it’s really, … Continue reading

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Numbers::Ordinals is here! (-ish)

Finally, I have released my first module, Numbers::Ordinal! I already talked about its reasoning in a previous post, so I’m going to talk about the module itself! Numbers::Ordinal provides two subs: &ordinal and &ordinal_digit. If you type ordinal(23), you get … Continue reading

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Ordinal Numbers and Musical Camelias

Ordinals? I’ve been working on an Numbers::Ordinal module for the past day or so, which turns your cardinals and turns them into ordinals! I’m writing it because I write tests, and tend to use descriptions that say “First block done” … Continue reading

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