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NQP on LLVM: How to Port

I’ve since realized that writing a version of NQP on LLVM from scratch would be either quite a lot of work or, by taking as many of the .nqp files as I can from the exisiting NQP for a self-compiling … Continue reading

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Thoughts on starting NQP on LLVM

Lately I’ve been getting into certain project ideas (which I’ll specify later if they ever become anything) that would require a GUI of some kind. Although I’ve had some success learning SFML, I’m not too much a fan of C … Continue reading

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RD* Phasers Set to PRE

Well, I hope the PRE phaser fires before the START phaser, or else this post’s title will look silly. The purpose of this post, as suggested by the title, is for me to formally list what it is I plan … Continue reading

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Two Years of Perl 6!

6 Feb 2010 marks the two year anniversary of my involvement in Perl 6. It’s the first day I started conversing on #perl6, and I joined the channel two days earlier. (Today also, coincidentally, is the same day I made … Continue reading

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