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Perl 6 and CPAN? Well…

So, just earlier today the issue of putting Perl 6 modules (and other assorted things) on CPAN came up. I feel that it’s pertinent to put all of my concerns with this now, instead of waiting until people are in … Continue reading

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Two Years of Perl 6!

6 Feb 2010 marks the two year anniversary of my involvement in Perl 6. It’s the first day I started conversing on #perl6, and I joined the channel two days earlier. (Today also, coincidentally, is the same day I made … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Module Distribution in P6

I’ve been thinking a bit lately of the way module distribution is handled in Perl 6. Right now there’s modules.perl6.org. It’s a brilliant start, however I think we need to formalize some aspects of how it works and what’s needed … Continue reading

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Numbers::Ordinals is here! (-ish)

Finally, I have released my first module, Numbers::Ordinal! I already talked about its reasoning in a previous post, so I’m going to talk about the module itself! Numbers::Ordinal provides two subs: &ordinal and &ordinal_digit. If you type ordinal(23), you get … Continue reading

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