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I Just Love (♥!) C++

Let’s say you want to keep a bunch byte values around in a std::vector<uint8_t> until you get the chance to write it to a file. So, here comes the first piece of data: Anyone who knows their C++ knows that … Continue reading

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All Grammars Are Germophobes in 楽土

[ The following is a rantish post. If you don’t like negative words, please visit this site. ] So today I’ve been goodish at following TDD (I’m only starting, mind you), and I wanted to be able to make the … Continue reading

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Yapsi and Tardis

(I meant to do this post a few days ago; ah well) Recently I worked on Tardis, adding some extra stuff to the command line (`help’, `rewrite’, `unwrite’, and ‘pets’ commands, to be more specific.) You can see what I … Continue reading

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