Blog Banners

Here’s the history of the banners used on this blog. Enjoy, or something. 🙂

The original header, one I called a beta header:

This is the one that is used for the very first release of Rakudo Star (aka 2010.07). I called it R*.0 (Rakudo Star version 0) at the time:

Rakudo Star Release Banner

For the one year anniversary of the blog, this was the visible header:


Then, for the second year anniversary, there was this one. Notable in that it’s the one you’re most likely to have seen, as I hadn’t bothered updating it for two years 😛 :


And this is the current one, created specifically to replace what is by now a very old “two year anniversary” header. Between that last banner and this one, there was a new computer, and I’m confident I lost the spaceship SVG in that time, leading to the minimalistic nature of this one:


Expect this one to replaced a lot sooner than the last one 🙂 .


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