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A Brand New Spec, S15

So, for the past few days I’ve been working on a provisional S15 mostly for fun. I was considering TimToady’s long-ago suggestion of developing a libicu replacement tuned to Perl 6’s needs, and after learning some interesting things about NFG, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Module Distribution in P6

I’ve been thinking a bit lately of the way module distribution is handled in Perl 6. Right now there’s modules.perl6.org. It’s a brilliant start, however I think we need to formalize some aspects of how it works and what’s needed … Continue reading

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Beginning Notes for the Perl 6 Type Hierarchy

I stated in my last post some ideas I came up with involving Perl 6 that I’d be at least semi-interested in doing. Although the code repository (P6SSMPR) was actually my favorite idea, I decided to start with the small … Continue reading

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The View of Perl6 and Cleaning the Specs

After a bit of a discussion, starting with a comment about someday being able to use #!/usr/bin/perl to safely invoke Perl6 (that starts here), I decided to write this post (I chimed in at this point). Quick summary, the discussion … Continue reading

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