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Core++ (Concept)

Yesterday I raised a point about S32::Temporal about how DateTime should do subtraction between two DateTime objects, and then I raised the point of subtracting/adding only, say, 5 hours, instead of a whole other DateTime object. At that point masak … Continue reading

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The View of Perl6 and Cleaning the Specs

After a bit of a discussion, starting with a comment about someday being able to use #!/usr/bin/perl to safely invoke Perl6 (that starts here), I decided to write this post (I chimed in at this point). Quick summary, the discussion … Continue reading

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Snowman Comets, Pod Parsing, And a Book.

So today I start two weeks of Chris holiday break! Which means I can finally work on some things: A Book? Yeah, I started writing a sci-fi ‘book’ (nothing to be published) for the heck of it, heavily dealing in … Continue reading

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