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The magic of exponential growth (or, fun with Planck times)

A while back I was thinking about how one would implement a time-oriented system for keeping notes. When thinking about the differences between points and ranges in time, I naturally came to the conclusion that a second technically covers a … Continue reading

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Buffers Aren’t Strings

So, the issue of this post has recently come up once again, because this: infinitely recurses in Rakudo. Why? It’s because both Buf and Str do Stringy, and when eq is given disparate types, it calls .Stringy on both of them. … Continue reading

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I Just Love (♥!) C++

Let’s say you want to keep a bunch byte values around in a std::vector<uint8_t> until you get the chance to write it to a file. So, here comes the first piece of data: Anyone who knows their C++ knows that … Continue reading

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About Those Slangs…

I like the idea of slangs. They let you modify the grammar of Perl 6 (or maybe you’d prefer Q, or perhaps Regex?). This means you could easily switch into a more pythonesque style of programming just by importing a … Continue reading

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Perl 6 and CPAN? Well…

So, just earlier today the issue of putting Perl 6 modules (and other assorted things) on CPAN came up. I feel that it’s pertinent to put all of my concerns with this now, instead of waiting until people are in … Continue reading

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A Brand New Spec, S15

So, for the past few days I’ve been working on a provisional S15 mostly for fun. I was considering TimToady’s long-ago suggestion of developing a libicu replacement tuned to Perl 6’s needs, and after learning some interesting things about NFG, … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Unicode in Perl 6

All of the recent work on Rakudo, getting it to run on the JVM, and the creation of and work on MoarVM as another backend for NQP (and thus Rakudo), has created a sense that we’re really moving forward in … Continue reading

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